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The Start-up Visa Program is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish new, high growth businesses in Canada that will support innovation and job creation.

Under this program, Millworks - Centre for Entrepreneurship can recommend entrepreneurs to receive a start-up visa from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada under the business incubation stream.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Eligibility 

To be eligible to receive a start-up visa, you must prove your business venture is supported by a designated organization; meet the language requirements; meet the ownership requirements; and have sufficient settlement funds. You can find more eligibility details on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.

Millworks Start-up Visa Eligibility

Companies accepted into Millworks’ start-up visa business incubation program will receive business incubation and support services for at least one year.

Entrepreneurs interested in obtaining a start-up visa through Millworks incubation program must meet the following requirements:

  • New knowledge-based product and/or service– The business proposition must be a unique technology product and/or service that cannot be easily duplicated. In addition, the business must be passed the idea stage and have a working prototype. The entrepreneur must demonstrate early technology validation and/or customer traction.
  • Ontario based– The head office is located in the Algoma region and the business is registered in Ontario once the company is accepted into Millworks’ incubation program and issued a start-up visa.
  • Start-up business venture– Start-up refers only to sales revenue and not to the number of years in business. To qualify as a start-up, the business has generated cumulative sales revenue of less than $1 million in the most recent two years.
  • People – Industry knowledge and management experience, commitment to the venture.
  • Market– Large, growing international market.
  • Execution– Credible plan to reach key milestones.

If accepted into Millworks’ incubation program, entrepreneurs will receive a letter of support from Millworks-Centre for Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs then apply for a start-up visa directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which will proceed with confirming that applicants meet the program’s eligibility requirements and complete the formal application process.

Please note that becoming a Millworks incubation client through the start-up visa program does not guarantee that you will obtain financing through any of Millworks or Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation partners.

To Apply

We are not currently accepting applications to our Start-up Visa program. Please review the above eligibility requirements, and check back soon for applications to open.