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About Us 

Entrepreneurship is a critical component to growing our economy and diversifying the community. Millworks – Centre for Entrepreneurship was founded in May 2016, where the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation began a new approach to fully embrace the importance of entrepreneurship. With support through the SSMEDC, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development, Infrastructure and Employment, along with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, a strong ecosystem of stakeholders and supporters has been created. This ecosystem has allowed Millworks to deliver programs and services to Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma Region.

trendy and urbane

As a part of a non-profit organization, Millworks is committed to supporting businesses in the region and we aim to continuously grow to better the community. We provide individuals the access to tools, education, mentorship and networking opportunities, to assist with their sustainable development as a business owner. By providing shared offices, support services and by connecting clients and local entrepreneurs with mentoring partners, the Millworks' programs help new or recently-started small businesses through their most vulnerable developmental stages.

Located at 83 Huron Street (Unit 2) in Sault Ste. Marie, the Millworks occupies the south-east corner on the first floor of the Machine Shop within Mill Square. Through the inhabitation of this historic former site of St Mary's Paper, the Millworks provides a trendy and urbane home for new and up-and-coming businesses.

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After a year of service, Millworks has been extremely successful and beneficial to our community; and we are hoping to gain more community collaboration in this distinctive facility. Our Sponsorship Prospectus highlights the collaboration opportunities that we currently offer and partnership packages that are available.

Download a copy of the prospectus now or contact us to discuss any unique partnership ideas.